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When are Liquid Chalk Markers Permanent?

Posted on March 15th, 2017 by Chalkola

If you want your creations with liquid chalk markers to be permanent you’ll have a lot more choices in the media with which you work. When you choose a porous surface the markers will be permanent rather than erasable. Some of those surfaces can be: Porous chalkboards Cardboard Paper Untreated wood Sidewalks Concrete Most painted walls Fabrics and clothing Cork Carpet and Rugs   All these porous surfaces are ideal media if you want your art to be permanent. You will be able to create permanent signs or artwork in vivid colors that won’t fade. Liquid chalk markers are practically mess free, too. All you need do when you are done is replace the caps and put the away the markers! Examples of Non Porous Surfaces can be found here.

What are some Non-Porous Surfaces?

Posted on March 13th, 2017 by Chalkola

Chalkola Liquid Chalk Markers can be used on practically any medium but if you want to erase your art easily you should use a non-porous surface. The term non-porous means that liquids and air cannot penetrate the material in question but stay on the surface. Here are some examples of non-porous surfaces. Plastic Metal Glass Ceramics Leather Vinyl Sealed tiles Porcelain Varnished wood Non-Porous Chalkboards Whiteboards Windows You should always test your surface first in an inconspicuous area. Sometimes there can be some confusion about porous vs. non-porous; wood, for example, is porous but if it has been varnished or covered with polyurethane it is non-porous. If in doubt, ask yourself if water will roll off the surface without sinking in. If the answer is yes then it is a good medium for liquid chalk markers. You can also learn How to Remove Liquid Chalk markers from Porous Surfaces

How to Remove Liquid Chalk Marker from a Porous Surface

Posted on March 9th, 2017 by Chalkola

It’s very easy to clean up after using Chalkola liquid chalk markers. Whether you’ve left your artwork for an hour, days, or weeks all you need do is wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Many people prefer using paper towels while others like to keep a designated small hand towel for that purpose. Either way, cleaning up after using your Chalkola liquid chalk markers is quick and easy. If you have decorated a porous surface you might have some difficulty removing the color from the chalk markers. The color from the markers is readily absorbed into porous surfaces and it’s not easy to clean it up. If you make a mistake and use a porous surface with your liquid chalk markers don’t despair. Use these methods: An ammonia-based chalkboard cleaner will help clean chalk marker from a porous surface. Some people use window cleaner while others simply dilute ammonia. After […]

If in Doubt, Test First

Posted on March 5th, 2017 by Chalkola

There are few things more frustrating than finding that you’ve used your chalk markers on the wrong surface. If you’re not sure that a surface is non-porous you can save yourself a lot of trouble by testing it. First, find a place on the surface where you would not be upset to see a mark. Then use a liquid chalk marker to draw a small line or dot. Use the darkest color out of the ones you had planned for your project, one that would be likely to leave a shadow if you were unsuccessful in completely erasing it from the surface. Then be patient. Wait at least 24 hours to give the color time to be absorbed if the surface is porous. Liquid chalk marker on some porous surfaces might wipe off completely after a few minutes or even an hour but may leave residue after several hours. One […]

How to Use Liquid Chalk Markers

Posted on March 1st, 2017 by Chalkola

Like any other new tool, you will need to learn how to use Chalkola liquid chalk markers. They are a bit different from ordinary chalk but once you get started you’ll have a lot of fun with them. Here is how to prepare your chalk ink markers for the best results: Make sure that the marker tip (nib) fits tightly in the barrel of the marker. You don’t want the cap coming off unexpectedly so make certain that it is on tightly. It’s hard to wash liquid chalk out of clothing so you don’t want the caps to come off unexpectedly. You will need to shake each ink marker for about half a minute before using it. Just like paint, liquid chalk needs to be well mixed after it settles for awhile. Shaking it will insure that it’s well mixed and give your work the vivid colors you want. Have a […]

Give New Life to Your Chalkboard

Posted on February 25th, 2017 by Chalkola

Liquid chalk markers are fun and effective, more brilliant than ordinary chalk. If your non-porous chalkboard is becoming harder to clean or has shadows on it, it probably needs resealing. You may want to apply a couple of coats of chalkboard paint before you reseal to brighten up the surface if you’ve allowed it to become worn. Resealing a chalkboard makes cleaning up after using chalk ink markers much faster and easier. After you thoroughly clean it you’ll find that it’s easy to seal a chalkboard. Start with a commercial sealer that you can get at any crafts store. Most brands come in either glossy or matte finish so you can choose whichever is best for your purposes. The wonderful thing about sealers is that you can make a porous surface non-porous and thus use it for creating art with your liquid chalk markers. Apply 2 or 3 coats to […]

Can I Use Liquid Chalk Markers on my Chalkboard?

Posted on February 22nd, 2017 by Chalkola

You would think that the answer would be an unqualified yes, but the name “liquid chalk markers” refers to the effect of these markers, not their composition. Liquid chalk markers are designed to be used mainly on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, and other materials that don’t permit the passage or air or water. Old Style Chalkboards: Chalkboards used to be made of sheets of slate, which is a porous material. If you used liquid chalk markers on these boards you would have a very frustrating experience when you tried to remove it. The Modern World! Luckily, most modern chalkboards are made of porcelain enamel, a non-porous material that is lighter in weight and lasts longer than traditional slate. It is easy to use liquid chalk markers on their surface and clean up is a breeze with just a damp cloth to wipe away the markings. If […]

Simplify your shopping with Chalkola!

Posted on February 16th, 2017 by Chalkola

It’s so annoying when you can’t find your shopping list and coupons. Many of us just give up and go to the store anyway, hoping we remember at least most of what we need. We nearly always end up spending more than we intended and not getting at least one very important item. Chalkola has a solution! Let family members write what’s needed on a chalkboard with Chalkola Chalkboard markers. You can write categories on the board to make it more organized. As they write their requests, have them choose a corresponding coupon from a nearby box and place it in an envelope next to the board. When you’re ready to go shopping use your phone to take a photo of the board and take the envelope full of coupons. You’ll save both time and money and get everything you need in one trip!

Greet your loved ones!

Posted on February 13th, 2017 by Chalkola

When you’re picking up your loved one, why not greet them with a love note?

Chalkola Window Markers

Posted on February 10th, 2017 by Chalkola

When you want to make an announcement to the world, colorful Chalkola markers insures that everyone will see it!  

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