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Saturday, February 25, 2017


Liquid chalk markers are fun and effective, more brilliant than ordinary chalk. If your non-porous chalkboard is becoming harder to clean or has shadows on it, it probably needs resealing. You may want to apply a couple of coats of chalkboard paint before you reseal to brighten up the surface if you’ve allowed it to become worn. Resealing a chalkboard makes cleaning up after using chalk ink markers much faster and easier.

After you thoroughly clean it you’ll find that it’s easy to seal a chalkboard. Start with a commercial sealer that you can get at any crafts store. Most brands come in either glossy or matte finish so you can choose whichever is best for your purposes. The wonderful thing about sealers is that you can make a porous surface non-porous and thus use it for creating art with your liquid chalk markers. Apply 2 or 3 coats to get a good, long-lasting finish. Your chalkboard will look like new!

You’ll have some product left over after you seal the chalkboard. You can save it for future re-painting and sealing or you can use it to seal some extra special work that you’ve done with Chalkola liquid chalk markers.

Can I Use Liquid Chalk Markers on my Chalkboard?

Can I Use Liquid Chalk Markers on my Chalkboard?



Wednesday, February 22, 2017


You would think that the answer would be an unqualified yes, but the name “liquid chalk markers” refers to the effect of these markers, not their composition.

Liquid chalk markers are designed to be used mainly on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, and other materials that don’t permit the passage or air or water.

Old Style Chalkboards:

Chalkboards used to be made of sheets of slate, which is a porous material. If you used liquid chalk markers on these boards you would have a very frustrating experience when you tried to remove it.

The Modern World!

Luckily, most modern chalkboards are made of porcelain enamel, a non-porous material that is lighter in weight and lasts longer than traditional slate. It is easy to use liquid chalk markers on their surface and clean up is a breeze with just a damp cloth to wipe away the markings.

If you don’t know what your chalkboard is made of try rubbing it with a damp cloth. Slate and other porous materials will retain the moisture while a non-porous board will quickly dry. If you have a slate chalkboard or other porous material that you feel is the perfect surface to show off your chalk markers you can seal it with an inexpensive aerosol sealer available at craft stores.

Simplify your shopping with Chalkola!



Thursday, February 16, 2017


It’s so annoying when you can’t find your shopping list and coupons. Many of us just give up and go to the store anyway, hoping we remember at least most of what we need. We nearly always end up spending more than we intended and not getting at least one very important item.

Chalkola has a solution!

Let family members write what’s needed on a chalkboard with Chalkola Chalkboard markers. You can write categories on the board to make it more organized. As they write their requests, have them choose a corresponding coupon from a nearby box and place it in an envelope next to the board.

When you’re ready to go shopping use your phone to take a photo of the board and take the envelope full of coupons. You’ll save both time and money and get everything you need in one trip!

Greet your loved ones!



Monday, February 13, 2017


When you’re picking up your loved one, why not greet them with a love note?

Chalkola Window Markers



Friday, February 10, 2017


When you want to make an announcement to the world, colorful Chalkola markers insures that everyone will see it!


Boost Your Business with Chalkola Chalk Markers!



Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Did you know that Chalkola chalk markers can be a valuable publicity tool for your business? Promoting your business is the only way to grow and maintain a healthy sales volume but you don’t need to spend a lot of money. All you need is some Chalkola chalk markers and a few minutes a day to be creative and have a little fun with them.

People are attracted by color and Chalkola chalk markers specialize in brilliant colors that stand out and demand attention. You can use the regular color chalk markers or our special neon colors for to advertise your business. When it’s time to end the promotion or take down the display all you have to do is wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth.

chalkola business markers

Take Advantage of the Weather

Most people love sunny, warm weather but don’t think much about it once they are out and about. On the other hand, rain tends to make people a bit grumpy. Take advantage of rainy weather by using your chalk markers to make people smile about it. A duck splashing in a puddle or carrying an umbrella will cheer up passersby and even make them pause to look into your window. You can write “liquid sunshine” in bold letters and draw smiley faces falling into a field of grass and flowers. If the weather is going to last awhile you can advise people not to forget their canoes and illustrate your window accordingly. They will appreciate the smile you give them and remember your business next time they need something that you sell.

Winter is another great time to use the weather to promote your business. Chalkola brilliant white chalk markers can turn all or part of your windows and doors into a wonderland of snow and snowflakes, snow covered trees and winter animals frolicking about. Or you can choose to draw spring or summer scenes and invite people in for a respite from the cold weather.

Whatever the weather or the season, you can use it to promote your business and make people smile.

Holidays Help You Advertise

halloween with chalkola

  • Everyone loves holidays, even if they don’t personally celebrate them. There are so many holidays both religious and secular that can help you reach a lot of people. You can honor their holiday and also call attention to your business.
  • You could use chalk markers to note daily how many days are left until a holiday arrives. People will begin looking for your business’s window when they get close so they can see what you’ve done that day.
  • You can offer a different free service or item on each day leading up to a major holiday. If you used conventional advertising this would be quite costly but you would be offering it just to people who see your display, not the public at large. A stationery store could offer a free pencil on one day and free notary service the next. A shoe store could offer shoe horns or a free one-time shoe shine. You could feature free smiles or free wrapped candy—be creative and artistic and you’ll pick up new customers every day.
  • Use chalk markers to promote daily or weekly specials. Engage your customers by hiding a code word in the artwork that will give them a percentage off their purchase or a free item with their order.

If there isn’t a holiday approaching you can take advantage of National Ice Cream Day or some other honorary day.

Make Sales More Exciting

Another effective way to use Chalkola Chalk Markers is to advertise sales. There are a lot of ways to advertise a sale using your front windows and doorway but you can also hang a chalkboard sign from an awning or post. Occasional “flash sales” will certainly make people look at your business every time they pass to see if you’re promoting anything. You can promote a sale from noon till 1PM for certain items you might be having trouble moving a flash sale for an hour in the afternoon or morning for an item that is particularly popular.

How to Increase Your Business in February



Friday, February 3, 2017


No matter what kind of business you have, effective advertising is important if you want to increase business and Chalkola chalk markers can help you achieve that goal. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so we at Chalkola thought we’d throw out some ideas on fun and effective advertising using our attention getting chalk markers.

Almost everyone agrees that signage is a valuable resource when you’re trying to attract foot traffic or get the attention of passing cars. You need something that stands out; it doesn’t have to be big but it does have to attract the eye. Bright colors and interesting illustrations are a combination that is rarely ignored. If you can get a person to look at your signage for just a fraction of a second, they will most likely give it their full attention or at least remember that they would like to investigate it further.

Hearts ‘n Flowers

There’s no denying that flowers are a popular gift on Valentine’s Day and so are heart shaped boxes filled with candy. People are used to seeing these items year after year so you’ll want to fill your doors, windows, and other non-porous surfaces with something different or at least a variation that will attract attention.

Roses are the most common flower associated with Valentine’s day because they symbolise love. But did you know that their symbolism is not as strong as that of other flowers? You can use chalk markers to illustrate the following flowers and their meanings to attract traffic to your business and to make people remember your business:

  • Bird of paradise – joyfulness, magnificence, anticipation
  • Calla Lily – beauty, purity, innocence
  • Carnation – red is romantic love or admiration. Pink is for a mother or friend, white for innocence and pure love
  • Chrysanthemum – fidelity, long life, joy.
  • Daffodil – new beginnings, long life, rebirth
  • Daisy – innocence, purity, steadfast love. Gerber daisies convey cheerfulness
  • Gardenia – secret love, joy, purity
  • Gladiola – faithfulness, honor
  • Iris – yellow is passion, white is purity, blue is faith, purple is wisdom
  • Lily – orange is passion, yellow is joyfulness

You could make an attractive card with the above list and hand it out to visitors prior to Valentine’s Day. Of course, you’ll want to include your business’s address and phone number for future reference.

Make a Fun Promotion They Will Remember

Chalk markers can be used on signs, chalkboards, or the windows and doors of your business to advertise a special promotion. For example, who can resist a colorful invitation to “Come in for a Free Kiss!”? Have a bowl full of Hershey’s kisses ready for those who decide to take your offer!

Who could turn down a bit of free love? Use your Chalkola chalk markers to dress up your window or door with attention-getting colors declaring that you have “free love” for the taking. It will cost just a few dollars to have a bowl of lollipops or other hard candy decorated with sentiments of love.

The secret to making these cute promotions effective is not only getting peoples’ attention but motivating people to walk through the store to claim their free love and kisses. Use your chalk markers to point the way to the treats, a path that takes your prospective new customers at least partway through your most attractive goods or most-used services.

Use Your Creativity  

It doesn’t take a fortune to use effective advertising, just some creativity. Increase your business by using Chalkola chalk markers and take advantage of popular events like Valentine’s Day to attract new customers.

Kickstart Your Romance With Chalkola Markers!



Sunday, January 29, 2017


Chalkola Chalk Markers are a lot of fun and very useful but did you know that they can help bring more romance into your home? As unlikely as that sounds, you’ll find that it works beautifully—figuratively and literally!

Here are a few fun ways to make your loved one love you more:

Mirror Your Love

If you get up before they do, use a Chalkola chalk marker to write a short note on the 
bathroom mirror. Make sure the mirror is dry if you tend to shower in the morning! You can draw x’s and o’s, a set of bright red puckered lips, or a flower. Make a romantic proposal like, “Can’t wait to see you tonight!” You could write an invitation to lunch or tell them how much you adore the way they look when they’re asleep. Pick something about them that you love and tell them. It will start their day right and make them think of you all day

Call Attention to Yourself

If your loved one jogs or walks a regular path you can use that to remind them that you love them. Get a small chalkboard or other non-porous surface that you can use as a sign. Write a message on the surface and tie it around a tree or a bench is on their route. You might want to use the neon colors to insure that it will stand out and attract their attention and be sure to use their name so they will know it’s for them. You could draw a rose or their favorite flower or anything else special to them. It will be sure to give them a smile and make them feel that they are lucky to have you in their life.

Dress Up Dinner

If you’re the one who cooks dinner you can make it fun and romantic with chalk markers. You can use a chalkboard or even a window to write out the menu and an invitation to relax in “the lounge” while the dinner is prepared. Throw in some humor with outlandish descriptions such as “Noble Durum Wheat Semolina tossed with a rich sauce and mixed with only the finest of golden fermented cream.” That perfectly describes macaroni and cheese, of course! If you have children, let them in on the fun; children can come up with some hilarious food descriptions and they are great at decorating. Give each child a marker and let them adorn the dinnerware with hearts or short messages.


Make Them Welcome

Surprise your loved one with a welcome home message on the garage door or a chalkboard inside the garage. If you don’t have a garage you can write a message with a chalk marker on a window he or she passes on the way to the door.

These are just a few ideas that will help rekindle romance in your relationship. You can probably come up with several more ideas that will make your loved one feel treasured. Use Chalkola Chalk Markers at least once a week to keep the home fires burning!

Let Chalkola Rock Your Valentine’s Day!



Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Valentine ’s Day has gotten very predictable during the past century—buy flowers and candy, go on a date and make an evening of it. Many people propose marriage or take their vows on this day. School classrooms have parties, moms make special meals for their families and the next day everything is back to normal. Everyone knows what to expect and when things begin and end.

But what if you could make your Valentine’s Day special and unique, something that your loved ones would remember all through the year? Chalkola can help you make this holiday one that they’ll never forget—and neither will you.

For the Love of Your Life

Why settle for the usual dozen roses when giving flowers? Look around any office on Valentine’s Day and you’ll see the same thing on many desks. Make your love’s floral surprise unique with a beautiful keepsake ceramic or glass vase that declares your love for all the world to see! Chalkola’s 8-pack of Window Chalk Markers is perfect for decorating a ceramic vase, especially since each one can make 3 different sized lines. Adorn the vase with a sweet sentiment or artwork from your heart. Fill the vase with chocolate roses, paper mâché flowers, or even one of the gold-dipped roses that are beginning to be popular for this special day.

If you are cooking dinner for your loved one you can turn your home into a fantasy restaurant. Use Chalkola White Chalk Markers to turn an ordinary chalkboard or whiteboard into a fancy restaurant menu right inside your front door. Build his or her anticipation with brief descriptions of each dish. Use your colored chalk markers to make their plate speak to their heart as they enjoy dinner by writing along the edge. You can even decorate the wineglasses and the dessert dishes!

For the Family

Valentine ’s Day can be extra fun without extra trouble when you have Chalkola products to help out! Children will have a blast helping you decorate for this special occasion and can even make their own surprises.

If your children are old enough to work unsupervised you can get some valuable “me” time by letting them make their own cards with chalk markers and old plastic milk jugs. Just cut away the sides of the jugs and use the panels’ smooth sides for artistic surface. The children can cut the plastic into shapes and decorate them or keep them as squares for conventionally shaped one-sided cards.

Children will also enjoy decorating the windows in the house with chalk markers. They can draw hearts, post messages of love, or make a window into a Valentine’s mural. After the day is over, all you have to do is wipe the window with a damp cloth and everything is back to normal!

You can use Chalkola chalk markers to post a menu for the family or a sign that lets each family member know what they can do in the kitchen to help with dinner. Before setting the table, your child or children can help you decorate the dinner plates with chalk markers. Because chalk markers are completely safe for children, you don’t have to worry about your children using them.   It’s fun to assign a family member to each child and to see how they personalize the plate.

Valentine’s Parties

Every child loves a good party, right? Most adults don’t attend Valentine’s parties because they’d rather spend the evening with someone special. Children, however, love to have parties either at school or after school with their friends. You can make it a very special occasion with chalk markers and a little imagination.

You’ll need something for the children decorate plastic disposable plates are perfect for this purpose. You can make a game of giving each child a plate and a chalk marker and assign them the name of a friend or classmate. That is the child they will be decorating the plate for. When they are finished they take the plate to the child’s desk or place at the table. You’d be surprised at the beautiful creations children can make and the compliments they give others. The plate can be a keepsake to take home. Children can also decorate plastic glasses for each other or themselves with fun, brilliantly colored chalk markers and pens.

While we’re discussing hand made gifts, this would be a great time for child to make a keepsake plate for a loved one at home. When they are finished with their plate you can spray it with craft sealing spray so that it will last for years.

Besides hanging streamers and decorating with balloons you can use chalk markers to decorate the glass in a classroom door as well as the windows. The chalkboard and whiteboard are great for Valentine messages surrounded by hearts. You can do this before the party or let the children help you. Chalk markers can also be used on Formica cupboards and tables. As long as a surface is non-porous, you can decorate it with Chalkola chalk markers.

You’ll also need some games to play. A few that are very entertaining are:

  • Balloon Bounce – see how long children can keep the balloon in the air using only their heads.
  • Pass the Present – You’ll need small gifts to wrap in multiple layers. Pass the present around a circle with each child removing one layer of wrapping. Whoever removes the final layer of wrapping keeps the present. Repeat until everyone has a gift.
  • Balloon Stomp – remove all the hanging balloons around the party room or classroom. Let the children stomp on them until they burst.       Each child receives a small chocolate heart when they deposit pieces of the burst balloons in a bowl separate from the candy. This is a very popular game with children of all ages!

So there you have it! Anyone of any age can have a fun and creative Valentine’s Day with a loved one, their family, or in the classroom. Chalkola chalk markers are safe for anyone to use and can decorate any non-porous surface. The beauty of chalk markers is that you fill a room with color and beauty then simply wipe it off with a damp cloth whenever you want a change.

Chalkola chalk markers are fun and inspirational for everyone!

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