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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Sophie, a manga artist based in the UK, hopes to become a full time illustrator.  She is interested in all kinds of art including Sioux, mucha, fantasy, Victorian along with many other styles and formats.  She has been featured in Neo Magazine and has written and illustrated a book, Jellybean.  Sophie tried Chalkola chalk markers and filmed her experiments on her YouTube channel, Sophira-Lou Illustrations.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Picture frame
  • Sketch pad

Sophie was able to create a beautiful work of art with Chalkola chalk markers.

set of Chalkola

She received a complete set of Chalkola chalk markers, the jumbo Platinum series plus the package of regular and metallic markers.

Shaking and priming

Shaking and priming the chalk markers takes a few moments with each one but it’s pretty simple to prepare them for use.

sketched the basics

She has already sketched the basics of a parrot and positions a piece of glass over the sketch.  It will be easier to draw this way.

draw a parrot

Sophie chose to draw a parrot because of Chalkola’s bright, vibrant colors.  She had some trouble with colors bleeding into each other as she layered them.  Allowing the ink to dry completely before adding another layer solved that problem.

let them dry

Since Chalkola chalk markers are water based it’s always best to let them dry completely before adding another color on top of or beside the first color.


You can see that Sophie doesn’t always allow the first color to dry before adding another.  Sometimes she likes to blend them as she does here with the yellow and green.

brilliant contrast

Allowing the base color to dry allows a brilliant contrast of two shades.

tree branch

She needs somewhere for her parrot to perch so uses the brown to start a tree branch.

switches the paper

Sophie switches the paper under the glass from white to black so that she can see the colors a little better.

different shades of green

The different shades of green are ideal for drawing leaves.  She has been working with the Chalkola markers for awhile on this drawing but the markers are extremely low odor.  Some chalk markers have unpleasant odors that make them difficult to work with for more than a few minutes but not Chalkola.


Chalkola is also completely child safe so you can do a project with your favorite young person.  Children love Chalkola chalk markers!

layer and blend colors

Sophie likes to layer and blend colors, as you can see in this picture that she did not film.  She can layer and blend with Chalkola markers but it took some trial and error.


She found that when the layers were built up heavily, they tended to flake off.  She recommends a sealant if you want to keep a particular project or you want to keep it from flaking until you’re ready to dispose of it.

backing in the frame

Sophie prepares to put the backing in the frame she is working with.

beautiful detail

You can see all the beautiful detail she was able to draw into her scene.

glass in its frame

Putting the glass in its frame and affixing the backing will make it suitable for display.

parrot so realistic

Sophie has made her parrot so realistic it almost looks like a photograph!

fantastic to use

She fills in a few more details.  The colors are so bright and “they are fantastic to use”.  She’s having fun trying different textures and techniques.

finished project

The finished project is beautiful!

Sophie really loved the vibrant colors of Chalkola chalk markers.  She also thought of many other things she could do with them such as decorating wineglasses, chalkboards, plastic, whiteboards and a host of other projects she’d like to try.  She will definitely keep Chalkola chalk markers in her most-used art supply inventory!

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Make a Beautiful Greeting Card with Chalkola Chalk



Monday, July 17, 2017


Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Can of spray
  • Plain greeting card or white card
  • Glitters
  • Jar
  • Pieces of card stock
  • Wooden hearts
  • Glue

Step 1

Christina Griffiths started making greeting cards in 2008 in her spare time.  She began to sell them and became a guest designer for an online card site.  She later started her own website that’s existed for 8 years now and she has a very successful business.  She films tutorials for aspiring card makers and had a lot of fun with Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers.

greeting cards

Step 2

Christina decided to try Chalkola chalk markers and was surprised at all the colors she has to choose from.  She can use jumbo sized markers, any of the 15regular markers, or get jazzy with the 6 metallic chalk markers.

Chalkola chalk markers

Step 3

Choosing a jumbo yellow marker, she shakes it vigorously and depresses the tip several times to saturate the nib.

jumbo yellow marker

Step 4

You can see how brilliant the color is as she uses the marker on a piece of card stock.  It is just as vivid on clear plastic.

piece of card stock

Step 5

Curious about claims of easy clean up, Christina prepares a damp cloth to wipe off the chalk markings

easy clean up

Step 6

Sure enough, all the color wipes off easily, leaving the surface clean and free of residue.

color wipes off easily

Step 7

She picks up a jar to see how easy it is to use the markers on glass.


Step 8

Next she labels an old CD box that she has re-purposed into a trinket box.

labels an old CD box

Step 9

Christina is pleased with how fun and easy it is to use Chalkola chalk markers to label her receptacles.


Step 10

Now to begin work on a card for Valentine’s Day.  Christina is has some ideas and starts with two wooden hearts.

two wooden hearts

Step 11

The jumbo red marker is great for coloring the heart

jumbo red marker

Step 12

A can of spray adhesive will help, too.

can of spray

Step 13

After spraying adhesive on the wooden heart, she puts it in a container of glitter.

container of glitter

Step 14

Removing the heart from the glitter, she gently shakes off the excess.

heart from the glitter

Step 15

Now Christina has two glittery hearts for her card.

hearts for her card

Step 16

Christina starts with a 5×7 piece of cardstock as a foundation and overlays it with a slightly smaller black piece.

piece of cardstock

Step 17

She then lays a smaller white piece atop the black, creating a frame and matte effect for her card.

white piece

Step 18

On the smallest white paper she traces a heart.

traces a heart

Step 19

She outlines the traced heart with the regular sized red Chalkola chalk marker.

red Chalkola chalk marker

Step 20

As you can see, she has colored in the heart.  She used the jumbo marker for faster coverage.

colored in the heart

Step 21

Christina spritzes the heart with water.

heart with water

Step 22

The water makes the color run and creates a beautiful effect.

color run

Step 23

When the card dries she outlines the heart in black chalk marker.

heart in black chalk marker

Step 24

A white chalk marker is used to make big and small dots inside the heart.

white chalk marker

Step 25

Christina uses common household glue on the back of the paper with the heart to secure it to the black matte.

household glue

Step 26

She does the same to the black matte to make it stick to the base of the card.

base of the card

Step 27

She carefully lines up the matte to the larger white card stock.

larger white card stock

Step 28

You don’t need a lot of glue to construct the card.  Too much glue will make the paper soggy and leave ugly bumps on your card.


Step 29

Christina applies gentle but consistent pressure to make all the layers of the card adhere.

layers of the card

Step 30

She takes the two wooden hearts (remember those?) she made first and affixes them to the front of the card over the heart.

card over the heart

Step 31

She adds some words to the front of the card near the heart.  You can see how simple it is to make a card that a loved one will always treasure with Chalkola Chalk markers and a few minutes of your time.

card near the heart


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How to Make Your Own Portable Whiteboard using Cha



Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Photo frame
  • White paper
  • Chalkola chalk markers

Step 1

Lina Eckstrand is an artist and interior designer who loves to refinish old furniture.  She has a vintage goods store named WackyGoose in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Lina creates a lot of art using chalk paint that she sells in her shop and over the internet.  She was very impressed with Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers.

old furniture

Step 2

Lina opens the mailer containing the Chalkola chalk markers.  She is very interested in trying out the jumbo window markers with the 3 in 1 nib.

jumbo window markers

Step 3

After vigorously shaking the blue marker, Lina presses the tip down firmly on the plastic.  She watches as the ink begins to saturate the nib.

blue marker

Step 4

The closest non porous surface at hand is the plastic package of Chalkola markers so that’s what Lina uses for her first experiment.  She prints big, bold letters in Swedish with a heart to punctuate it.  Lina is pleased with the bright color and with how smoothly the ink flows.

bright color

Step 5

Now she is seeing if clean up is really as simple as the box says.  She uses a damp cloth to wipe away the color, noting that it does smear at first but it is simple to wipe away.

wipe away

Step 6

Lina is impressed with how all the color is gone, leaving no residue or smears on the surface.

no residue

Step 7

She plans to make a whiteboard out of a picture frame she recently bought at a flea market.  Then she will have an ideal surface with which to have some fun with the Chalkola markers.

picture frame

Step 8

She intends to use a piece of white paper in place of a photo for the frame.

piece of white paper

Step 9

She removes the back of the frame and reaches for the white paper.

back of the frame

Step 10

She then places the paper in the frame on top of the glass and replaces the back.

frame on top of the glass

Step 11

Lina now has a portable whiteboard!

portable whiteboard

Step 12

She starts by printing some letters.

printing some letters

Step 13

She erases the letters, pleased with how the whiteboard is working.

erases the letters

Step 14

Lina looks through all the Chalkola markers to choose some colors.  There are so many beautiful colors!

Chalkola markers to choose

Step 15

Lina adds a smile to the face of the sun in her whimsical drawing.  Once Chalkola ink dries it’s easy to add extra details.

whimsical drawing

Step 16

She shows off her portable whiteboard drawing.

whiteboard drawing

Step 17

In this close up of Lina’s whiteboard drawing you can see how brilliant the colors are and how well her portable chalkboard worked.

Lina’s whiteboard drawing

Lina was please with how easy it is to wipe away and clean up Chalkola markers.  She loved the vivid colors, how smoothly the markers worked, and how quickly the ink dried.  As an artist who uses chalk markers as a common medium, Lina was very impressed with the quality and beauty of Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers.


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Chalkboards Love Chalkola Chalk Markers



Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Dea Sabio is a digital graphic artist who recently tried out Chalkola chalk markers.  Although digital art is her forte she loves being creative in any medium.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Chalkboard

She tried the Chalkola chalk markers on regular sketch paper and glass then saw how well they worked on a chalkboard surface.


The white is absolutely brilliant against the dark background of the chalkboard.


Dea decides to outline her little ghost-like character in black to make it more defined.

black chalk marker

She fills in a few features with the black chalk marker.


Using pink to make the character blush really draws attention to it.  Once Chalkola chalk markers dry it’s easy to lay another color atop the base without both smearing.

few more details

A few more details bring the character to life.  Chalkola chalk markers are very low odor so they are comfortable to work with.  In fact, most people can’t detect an odor at all.


Now that her character is done she’s going to make it talk.  These markers are great for coloring and drawing almost anything.

non-porous surfaces

Chalkola chalk markers are so easy to work with.  They write and color very smoothly on non-porous surfaces.

Chalkola chalk markers

Dea’s little character thanks everyone for watching her try out Chalkola chalk markers.  Initially, she had some problems with the jumbo markers dripping but soon learned not to draw down so much ink.  Learning to use Chalkola chalk markers is surprisingly simple!

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Brighten Up Your Work Space with Chalkola Chalk Ma



Friday, July 7, 2017


Even if you have a job you look forward to every day you can make it more fun with Chalkola chalk markers.  Why have ordinary pen and brush holders when you can make something exciting and colorful with Chalkola?

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Small bucket
  • Glass

Step 1

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can make beautiful receptacles for your brushes, pens, tape, and other tools


Step 2

Chalkola markers make the ordinary extraordinary!

Chalkola markers

Step 3

Chalkola chalk markers come in many vivid, exciting colors.

vivid exciting colors

Step 4

You can use Chalkola markers on non porous surfaces such as treated chalkboards, glass, plastic, and metal.


Step 5

One of Chalkola’s most popular packages is the 21 marker pack that contains 15 regular chalk markers and 6 metallic markers.

chalkola popular packages

Step 6

Metal is an ideal surface for chalk markers and a small bucket is very handy for storing office or art supplies.

small bucket

Step 7

Chalk markers’ ink flows easily onto the metal surface of the small bucket.  The blue color makes the markers stand out nicely.

metal surface

Step 8

This small bucket is very attractive now that the artist has decorated it with Chalkola chalk markers

decorated bucket

Step 9

Glass is another ideal surface to use with chalk markers.  This will be an interesting project!


Step 10

First the artist makes a tree trunk and some branches on the glass.  Using different colors to accent the branches makes it eye catching.

branches on the glass

Step 11

Using a variety of colors together makes a project interesting.

variety of colors

Step 12

Now that the bucket has been decorating it makes a great storage space for these rolls of tape.

great storage space

Step 13

This white mug will make another good storage device for supplies

white mug

Step 14

The white background really shows off the color from the chalk marker

chalk marker

Step 15

This artist decides to Saguaro cacti to the cup using different colors and even some metallic markers.

cup using different colors

Step 16

The decorated white mug is very attractive!

decorated white mug

Step 17

You can see how ordinary items like the mug, bucket, and glass bottle can be turned into unusual and attractive containers to store your office or art supplies.

attractive containers

One of the best things about Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe markers is that if you make a mistake or change your mind you can easily wipe off any or all of what you’ve done and start over.  The colors wipe off cleanly, leaving no residue, and wash out of clothing easily.


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A Digital Artist Tries Chalkola Chalk Markers



Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Dea Sabio, aka Lady Sithis, is an artist studying digital media at a California university.  She enjoys working in every medium but particularly likes digital illustration and hopes to carve out a niche in the gaming industry.  She was pleased to try Chalkola chalk markers and found them very inspiring.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Sketching paper
  • Glass table

Since Chalkola chalk markers do best on non porous surfaces, Dea thought it would be a great idea to draw on her glass table!

Chalkola chalk markers

She received a complete set of Chalkola chalk markers; the Platinum series of jumbo markers with the 3 in 1 nib, ten regular chalk markers with interchangeable nibs and 6 beautiful metallic markers.

sketching paper

First, Dea decides to use regular sketching paper to try the Chalkola chalk markers.

Platinum jumbo markers

She tries the Platinum jumbo markers first.  These jumbo markers take some practice for many people to learn to use.  Dea evidently did not shake them up well enough because she says the ink is watery.  They will drip and leave splotches if they are pumped too much and let too much ink down into the nib.  She does think, however, that they have a nice consistency.  She is more impressed with the regular markers and likes the way they write so smoothly.  She likes the metallic markers but can’t see their brilliance because the lighting in her workspace is not adequate.

glass table

Now Dea is going to see how the markers work on the glass table she usually uses as a workspace.

brown regular chalk marker

Using the brown regular chalk marker, she draws the outline of a teddy bear.  She has no particular goal in mind except to doodle around and experiment with the Chalkola chalk markers.

teddy bear’s features

She fills in the teddy bear’s features and accents him with some pink, which shows up very nicely against the brown.


The teddy bear is going to have a companion!  Dea chooses white to draw the next figure and notices how bright the color is.


She accidentally drew the arms of the little white guy over his body but finds that she can use her finger to easily wipe away what she doesn’t want.

green grass

She adds green grass and starts drawing some flower to set the tone of her drawing.


Dea has added a lot of detail to her drawing including conversation balloons.  She likes the way the markers move so smoothly across the glass.

few wipes

Is cleanup really as easy as the box says?  It certainly seems to be!  A few wipes with a damp cloth and the glass is almost clean.


Cleanup was a breeze!

All in all, Dea really liked Chalkola chalk markers.  She recommends them for children, teachers, artists and crafters, and anyone enjoys vivid colors that are easy to clean up.  Non-toxic, low odor, and child safe, Chalkola chalk markers are fun for everyone!

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Chalkola Chalk Markers Meet the Inner Animal



Thursday, June 29, 2017


Anna Komenda, a wife and mother of 3 children, lives in Poland and enjoys scrap books among other things.  She was delighted to have an opportunity to try Chalkola Chalk Markers.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • 5 photos from your app shots
  • Sheet of white paper
  • Plastic cover
  • Heidi Swapp color shine
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Small brush
  • Scrapbooking stickers

Anna is going to show how she makes a colorful, fun layout using Chalkola chalk markers and other materials.

set of five photos

She has a set of five photos she got from an app, depicting one person with five different expressions and five different animal attributes.

type that holds documents

She already has a sheet of white paper so all she needs is a plastic cover, the type that holds documents.

positions the photos

Anna positions the photos on the paper to make sure she knows where everything is going to go.

background of her composition

Chalkola chalk markers are going to make the background of her composition.

Chalkola markers

Anna uses purple, pink, orange, blue, and green Chalkola markers to make strips of color above each individual photo.

plastic overlay

Now she has her plastic overlay just as she wants it.

plastic to the white sheet of paper

She attaches the plastic to the white sheet of paper.

photo strip

Now that she has a stripe for each photo she can position the photo strip and continue her creation.


She cuts each photo carefully from the array.

colored paper

Anna chooses colored paper with which to back each photo.

similar color to the stripe

The photos will be backed by a similar color to the stripe above them.  This will contribute to the continuity of color and make the layout appear more professional.


Many people have a favorite theme and Anna’s is animals.  Just like animals in the wild, Chalkola has vivid colors that attract attention.

position the photos

It’s important to Anna to position the photos just right so that what she adds later will have the most impact.

textured paper

If you look closely, you’ll see that Anna has chosen textured paper to back the photos with.  It adds another dimension to her layout and makes it more interesting.

matching colors

Sometimes matching colors will make more of an impact that choosing a contrasting one.

type of layout

Chalkola’s bright, vibrant colors make any type of layout special.

glues the individual photos

Anna glues the individual photos to their backing.

virtually odor free

One of the great things about Chalkola chalk markers is that you can work with them all day.  Other markers have unpleasant odors but Chalkola chalk markers are virtually odor free.

color shine

These are bottles of Heidi Swapp color shine that Anna will use to add some color to the white part of her layout.

small brush

She uses a small brush to dip into the paint and splash it onto the white paper.  It is the small touches like these splatters that will bring the whole creation to life.

supply of stickers

Anna has an impressive supply of stickers that include shapes, letters, animals, and other categories.  She uses stickers to illustrate her ideas and inspire emotion in those that enjoy her art and scrapbooking.

title of the layout

The title of the layout, “Inner Animal” will start on the left side and finish on the right.  The letters are carefully positioned to be visible but allow plenty of room for other embellishments.

types of stickers

Several types of stickers are used to convey a feeling of fun and playfulness.

central idea

When Anna is done with her layout it is very busy yet focused on a central idea.  It entertains the viewer but sticks closely to the central theme and keeps the focus on the photographs.

Although Anna did not use a lot of Chalkola colors in her layout, the chalk markers’ brilliant shades attract attention while keeping the focus on the photos.  Chalkola chalk markers can be used in so many different ways!

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Never Forget Again with Chalkola Chalk Markers



Thursday, June 29, 2017


Maisie has had so many ideas as she tried Chalkola chalk markers for the first time.  Colors are very important to Maisie in her line of work and she loves the vibrant, bright colors of Chalkola chalk markers.

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Chalkola chalk markers
  • Photo frame

photo frame

Maisie remembers a photo frame that she has in her studio and thinks it will make a good reminder tool.

attractive background

She has chosen an attractive background for her reminder.  It is interesting enough to draw her attention but not so overwhelming as to hide the message she needs to see.

cut the background

She has cut the background to fit the frame.  It certainly is something that will draw attention!

glass of the frame

Maisie has some films that she wants to make and others she needs to edit so she writes those down on the glass of the frame.

down at her work table

Now she will know exactly what she has to do every time she sits down at her work table.

finished reminder

The finished reminder is attractive, doesn’t take up much space, and is erasable because Maisie used Chalkola chalk markers.  As she does a task she can merely wipe it off.  She thinks this will also make a wonderful display of favorite quotes that she can change whenever she wishes. Maisie has had such fun testing Chalkola chalk markers!  In fact, she was so impressed that she intends to keep the set handy and use Chalkola chalk markers on a regular basis.

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Chalkola’s Unique 3 in 1 Nib



Tuesday, June 27, 2017


People are always amazed when they see what Chalkola Platinum Series chalk markers can do.  Artists and crafters love the 3 in 1 nib that allows you to draw fine lines and fill in details as well as the medium and bold lines they can make.  You can do all of this with one marker!

Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • jar or small glass container
  • Chalkola Platinum Series markers
  • damp cloth

Step 1

You always get good coverage with Chalkola chalk markers.  The jumbo window markers with the 3 in 1 nib insure that you’ll get into all the tight spaces that other markers miss.

Chalkola chalk markers

Step 2

Chalkola Platinum Series markers are jumbo sized to last and to provide an easy, comfortable grip.

Chalkola Platinum Series markers

Step 3

Chalkola markers are especially suited to working on glass.  They won’t scratch the surface and the colors flow on easily.

working on glass

Step 4

Our tester chose the green jumbo Chalkola marker to start coloring the glass jar.

green jumbo Chalkola marker

Step 5

The broad side of the 3 in 1 nib does a great job of covering the surface.

covering the surface

Step 6

The rest of the jar will be blue.


Step 7

See how the jumbo Chalkola marker covered every bit of the glass.  There were some areas that needed the fine side of the nib although the broad side worked well for most of the surface.  The fine nib did a great job on the circular part of the jar.

jumbo Chalkola marker

Step 8

Removing Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe markers is as easy as dampening a cloth.

Removing Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe markers

Step 9

All you need to do is wipe away the chalk marker from the surface.

wipe away the chalk marker

Step 10

As you can see, the color easily wipes off and leaves no residue.

leaves no residue

Step 11

With their brilliant colors and 3 in 1 nibs, Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers will color any surface.  You’ll be able to cover broad areas as well as fill in fine details.

brilliant colors


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Thursday, June 22, 2017


Supplies Required:

All you need is a:

  • Chalkola metallic markers
  • Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers
  • Platinum Series window markers
  • Mug
  • Damp sponge
  • Glass bowl
  • Window

Step One

Jacqueline is a young woman who loves to draw and paint.  She has her own YouTube channel called Tenshi Crafts that showcases her artistic talents.  She shares the processes she uses to create paintings, clay miniatures, jewelry, drawings, nail art, and even a hot glue waterfall.

artistic talent

Step Two

Jacqueline tried Chalkola chalk markers and was impressed with the vivid colors and how easy clean up was.

Chalkola chalk markers

Step Three

As the box says, Chalkola chalk markers are best used on non porous surfaces.  They easily wash out of clothing, dry quickly, are non toxic and child safe, and the colors stay brilliant and beautiful until they are wiped away.

best used on

Step Four

She read the quick start guide on the back of the box and gave the pen she chose a few good shakes to mix up the ink in the reservoir.

quick start guide

Step Five

There were ten colors to choose from plus the six metallic markers.

metallic markers

Step Six

Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Markers have bright, bold colors.  Here we see pink and blue.

Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe Marker

Step 7

Jacqueline lines up the markers so that she can see all the different colors she has to choose from.

different marker colors

Step 8

The Platinum Series window markers have a 15mm jumbo tip that is ideal for sign making.

Platinum Series window marker

Step 9

After shaking the marker well, Jacqueline draws the ink down from the reservoir to the nib by pressing it against a hard surface a few times.

nib by pressing

Step 10

The ink descends from the reservoir and saturates the nib.

saturates the nib

Step 11

Jacqueline chooses an orange chalk marker to draw on a coffee mug.

orange chalk marker

Step 12

Once it’s dry, Chalkola chalk markers won’t rub off or smear.  You can see how bright the colors are in the hearts and curls she’s made on the mug.

curls on the mug

Step 13

A damp sponge removes the marker easily even though it won’t rub off when touched.

damp sponge

Step 14

Jacqueline uses a glass bowl containing two dragons to draw a flame with orange and yellow Chalkola markers.  When she’s finished it looks as if one of the dragons is breathing fire.

glass bowl

Step 15

Now she moves to the window with a blue marker and begins to draw.


Step 16

Using yellow, green, pink, red, and two shades of blue, Jacqueline begins to draw a unicorn.

draw a unicorn

Step 17

The unicorn is complete!  The bright colors really stand out and you can see she’s added a few interesting details.

bright colors

Step 18

Jacqueline adds a final touch by pouring some water over the artwork on the window.

water over the artwork

Step 19

The colors running as they dissolve in the water create a stunning effect.

dissolve in the water

You can undoubtedly think of other unique techniques and effects to use.  Chalkola Premium Wet Wipe chalk markers are versatile as well as beautiful.

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